New Hardcover Mysteries for December 2007

The following new hardcover mysteries are scheduled to be published this month. To browse more recently published new mystery books, select the appropriate month from the column on the left.

Strange Blood by Lindsay Jayne Ashford

: Strange Blood

Megan Rhys (2nd)

Grounds for Murder by Sandra Balzo

: Grounds for Murder

Maggy Thorsen (2nd)

No Time for Goodbye by Linwood Barclay

: No Time for Goodbye

Non-series (6th)

The Venetian Betrayal by Steve Berry

: The Venetian Betrayal

Cotton Malone (3rd)

Killer Knots by Nancy J. Cohen

: Killer Knots

Bad Hair Day with Marla Shore (9th)

The Con Artist of Catalina Island by Jennifer Colt

: The Con Artist of Catalina Island

McAfee Twins (4th)

Third Strike by Philip R. Craig and William G. Tapply

: Third Strike

Brady Coyne / J. W. Jackson (3rd)

Fifty-Seven Heaven by Lonnie Cruse

: Fifty-Seven Heaven

Kitty Bloodworth (1st)

Knitting Bones by Monica Ferris

: Knitting Bones

Needlecraft with Betsy Devonshire (11th)

Shadow Music by Julie Garwood

: Shadow Music

Buchanan Family (7th)

Afterimage by Kathleen George

: Afterimage

Richard Christie (3rd)

T is for Trespass by Sue Grafton

: T is for Trespass

Kinsey Millhone (20th)

The Book of Old Houses by Sarah Graves

: The Book of Old Houses

Home Repair is Homicide with Jake Tiptree (11th)

Siege of Heaven by Tom Harper

: Siege of Heaven

Demetrios Askiates (3rd)

The Mortal Groove by Ellen Hart

: The Mortal Groove

Jane Lawless (15th)

The Kingdom Where Nobody Dies by Kathleen Hills

: The Kingdom Where Nobody Dies

John McIntire (4th)

Hand of Evil by J. A. Jance

: Hand of Evil

Ali Reynolds (3rd)

Touchstone by Laurie R. King

: Touchstone

Non-series (4th)

Charm City by Laura Lippman

: Charm City

Tess Monaghan (2nd)

In For a Pound by Richard Marinick

: In For a Pound

Non-series (2nd)

The Murderers' Club by P. D. Martin

: The Murderers' Club

Sophie Anderson (2nd)

Death Song by Michael McGarrity

: Death Song

Kevin Kerney (11th)

The Risk of Infidelity Index by Christopher G. Moore

: The Risk of Infidelity Index

Vincent Calvino (9th)

Cat Deck the Halls by Shirley Rousseau Murphy

: Cat Deck the Halls

Joe Grey (13th)

Life Sentence by Andrew Neiderman

: Life Sentence


Dark Aura by Diana O'Hehir

: Dark Aura

Non-series (3rd)

Critical Threat by Nick Oldham

: Critical Threat

Henry Christie (10th)

Bone Rattler by Eliot Pattison

: Bone Rattler

Non-series (1st)

Korea Strait by David Poyer

: Korea Strait

Dan Lenson (10th)

Luck Be a Lady, Don't Die by Robert J. Randisi

: Luck Be a Lady, Don't Die


Watchman by Ian Rankin

: Watchman

Non-series (2nd)

SPQR XI: Under Vesuvius by John Maddox Roberts

: SPQR XI: Under Vesuvius

SPQR with Decius Caecilius Metellus the Younger (11th)

Deadly Waters by Pauline Rowson

: Deadly Waters

Andy Horton (2nd)

Salt River by James Sallis

: Salt River

Turner (3rd)

Mausoleum by Justin Scott

: Mausoleum

Ben Abbott (5th)

Cries and Whiskers by Clea Simon

: Cries and Whiskers

Theda Krakow (3rd)

Justice Is Served by Linda Sole

: Justice Is Served

Sarah Beaufort (2nd)

The Crows by Maris Soule

: The Crows


Death Watch by Sally Spencer

: Death Watch

Charlie Woodend (18th)

The Reunion by Janet Tanner

: The Reunion


Curse of Al Capone's Gold by Mike Thompson

: Curse of Al Capone's Gold

Andy Larson (1st)

Blind Eye by Marilyn Todd

: Blind Eye

Iliona (1st)

High Wind in Java by Peter Tonkin

: High Wind in Java

Richard Mariner (18th)

A Cotswold Mystery by Rebecca Tope

: A Cotswold Mystery

Thea Osborne (4th)

An Ordinary Spy by Joseph Weisberg

: An Ordinary Spy

Non-series (2nd)

The Story of Noichi the Blind by Chet Williamson

: The Story of Noichi the Blind

Non-series (11th)