New Hardcover Mysteries for May 2008

The following hardcover mystery books are scheduled to be published this month. To browse more recently published new mystery books, select the appropriate month from the column on the left.

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Rubicon by Lawrence Alexander

: Rubicon


The Fisher Boy by Stephen Anable

: The Fisher Boy

Mark Winslow (1st)

Secrets in the Shadows by V. C. Andrews

: Secrets in the Shadows


MADicine by Derek Armstrong

: MADicine

Alban Bane (2nd)

Last Post by Robert Barnard

: Last Post


Trash: And Other Litter by Richard Bellush

: Trash: And Other Litter


Sacrifice by S. J. Bolton

: Sacrifice


Scared to Live by Stephen Booth

: Scared to Live

Ben Cooper and Diane Fry (7th)

Blood Trail by C. J. Box

: Blood Trail

Joe Pickett (8th)

A Deadly Paradise by Grace Brophy

: A Deadly Paradise

Commissario Cenni (2nd)

The Black Stone by Linda Cargill

: The Black Stone


Trick of the Mind by Cassandra Chan

: Trick of the Mind

Jack Gibbons and Phillip Bethancourt (3rd)

Anathema by Colleen Coble

: Anathema


Blood Alley by Tom Coffey

: Blood Alley


Tell No Lies by Julie Compton

: Tell No Lies


The Reapers by John Connolly

: The Reapers

Charlie Parker (7th)

The Front by Patricia Cornwell

: The Front


The Moonpool by P. T. Deutermann

: The Moonpool


Snake Eye by William C. Dietz

: Snake Eye


Miracle Myx by Dave Diotalevi

: Miracle Myx


Silesian Station by David Downing

: Silesian Station

John Russell (2nd)

Cathedral of the Sea by Ildefonso Falcones

: Cathedral of the Sea


Enlightenment by Maureen Freely

: Enlightenment


Atmospheric Disturbances by Rivka Galchen

: Atmospheric Disturbances


Spa Deadly by Louise Gaylord

: Spa Deadly


Careless in Red by Elizabeth George

: Careless in Red

Thomas Lynley (13th)

The Deal by Adam Gittlin

: The Deal


Leave No Stone Unturned by Jeanne Glidewell

: Leave No Stone Unturned

Lexie Starr (1st)

The Moneylender of Toulouse by Alan Gordon

: The Moneylender of Toulouse

Fools' Guild (7th)

Hit and Run by Gerald Hammond

: Hit and Run


Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison

: Dead Witch Walking

Rachel Morgan (1st)

The Darkroom of Damocles by Willem Frederik Hermans

: The Darkroom of Damocles


Madman on a Drum by David Housewright

: Madman on a Drum

Mac McKenzie (5th)

Death of a Lovable Geek by Maria Hudgins

: Death of a Lovable Geek

Dotsy Lamb (2nd)

Another Man's Moccasins by Craig Johnson

: Another Man's Moccasins

Walt Longmire (4th)

The Tenth Gift by Jane Johnson

: The Tenth Gift


Remnant by Chris Kenneally

: Remnant


Callous by T. K. Kenyon

: Callous


Kilos in the Keys by Dave Klein

: Kilos in the Keys

Ed Buck and Gerry Keegan (2nd)

Head Wounds by Chris Knopf

: Head Wounds


The Lost by Roberta Kray

: The Lost


A Proper Knowledge by Michelle Latiolais

: A Proper Knowledge


The Girl of His Dreams by Donna Leon

: The Girl of His Dreams

Guido Brunetti (17th)

Quiver by Peter Leonard

: Quiver


Guardians of the Dead by Roy Lewis

: Guardians of the Dead

Eric Ward (16th)

Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere by John McFetridge

: Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere


The Rough Collier by Pat McIntosh

: The Rough Collier

Gilbert Cunningham (5th)

Poisoned Tarts by G. A. McKevett

: Poisoned Tarts

Savannah Reid (13th)

Silent Witness by Michael Norman

: Silent Witness

Sam Kincaid (2nd)

The Body in the Gallery by Katherine Hall Page

: The Body in the Gallery

Faith Fairchild (17th)

Scorch by Marc Paoletti

: Scorch


The Boxer and the Spy by Robert B. Parker

: The Boxer and the Spy


The Mark of the Pasha by Michael Pearce

: The Mark of the Pasha

Mamur Zapt (16th)

Fidelity by Thomas Perry

: Fidelity


Blind Rage by Terri Persons

: Blind Rage

Bernadette Saint Clare (2nd)

Fever by Bill Pronzini

: Fever

The Nameless Detective (33rd)

Blood Harvest by Brant Randall

: Blood Harvest


Holy Moly by Ben Rehder

: Holy Moly

Blanco County (6th)

Phantom Prey by John Sandford

: Phantom Prey

Prey (18th)

Mighty Old Bones by Mary Saums

: Mighty Old Bones

Thistle and Twigg (2nd)

The Triumph of Caesar by Steven Saylor

: The Triumph of Caesar

Roma Sub Rosa (11th)

The Walking Dead by Gerald Seymour

: The Walking Dead


Judgment Day by Sheldon Siegel

: Judgment Day

Mike Daley (6th)

The Actress by Elizabeth Sims

: The Actress

Rita Farmer (1st)

Yellow Medicine by Anthony Neil Smith

: Yellow Medicine


The Edge of Reason by Melinda Snodgrass

: The Edge of Reason


Mercy Street by Mariah Stewart

: Mercy Street


The Report to the Judiciary by Eugene Sullivan

: The Report to the Judiciary


Black Out by Lisa Unger

: Black Out


Clubbed to Death by Elaine Viets

: Clubbed to Death

Dead-End Job (7th)

The Shadow Pavilion by Liz Williams

: The Shadow Pavilion

Inspector Chan (4th)

The Calling by Inger Ash Wolfe

: The Calling


Watches of the Night by Sally Wright

: Watches of the Night

Ben Reese (5th)