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New Hardcover Mysteries for February 2009

The following hardcover mystery books are scheduled to be published this month. To browse more recently published new mystery books, select the appropriate month from the column on the left.

Click on the book title for a detailed description of the book. To purchase a book, click on the book cover.

Bibliographies of many of the mystery authors on this page can be viewed by clicking on the author's name.

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Delia's Gift by V. C. Andrews

: Delia's Gift

Delia (3rd)

Aunt Dimity Slays the Dragon by Nancy Atherton

: Aunt Dimity Slays the Dragon

Aunt Dimity (14th)

Pleasing the Dead by Deborah Turrell Atkison

: Pleasing the Dead

Storm Kayama (4th)

Sucker Punch by Ray Banks

: Sucker Punch

Cal Innes (2nd)

The Domino Men by Jonathan Barnes

: The Domino Men


Bones of Betrayal by Jefferson Bass

: Bones of Betrayal

Bill Brockton, Body Farm (4th)

Death of a Witch by M. C. Beaton

: Death of a Witch

Hamish Macbeth (25th)

The Silent Man by Alex Berenson

: The Silent Man

John Wells (3rd)

The Manual of Detection by Jedediah Berry

: The Manual of Detection


Without Warning by John Birmingham

: Without Warning


Double Minds by Terri Blackstock

: Double Minds


Probable Claus by Jon L. Breen

: Probable Claus


Terminal Freeze by Lincoln Child

: Terminal Freeze


Hangman Blind by Cassandra Clark

: Hangman Blind

Abbess of Meaux (1st)

Posed for Murder by Meredith Cole

: Posed for Murder

Lydia McKenzie (1st)

Fed Up by Jessica Conant-Park and Susan Conant

: Fed Up

Chloe Carter, Gourmet Girl (4th)

Blood Is Thicker by Sarah Cox

: Blood Is Thicker

Matt Arnold (1st)

Murder in Four Parts by Bill Crider

: Murder in Four Parts

Dan Rhodes (16th)

Valley of the Lost by Vicki Delany

: Valley of the Lost

Molly Smith (2nd)

Death of a Pilgrim by David Dickinson

: Death of a Pilgrim

Lord Francis Powerscourt (8th)

A Haunt of Murder by P. C. Doherty

: A Haunt of Murder

Canterbury Tales (6th)

Safer by Sean Doolittle

: Safer


Nuclear Jellyfish by Tim Dorsey

: Nuclear Jellyfish

Serge A. Storms (11th)

The Lost Witness by Robert Ellis

: The Lost Witness

Lena Gamble (2nd)

Cape Disappointment by Earl Emerson

: Cape Disappointment

Thomas Black (11th)

Lethal Legacy by Linda Fairstein

: Lethal Legacy

Alex Cooper (11th)

Murder at the Academy Awards by Joan Rivers and Jerrilyn Farmer

: Murder at the Academy Awards

Maxine Taylor, Red Carpet (1st)

Boca Knights by Steven M. Forman

: Boca Knights


Lost in the Gila by Lois Gilbert

: Lost in the Gila


Murder by Ancient Design by Kat Goldring

: Murder by Ancient Design

Willi Gallagher (5th)

Spade & Archer: The Prequel to Dashiell Hammett's The Maltese Falcon by Joe Gores

: Spade & Archer: The Prequel to Dashiell Hammett's The Maltese Falcon


Irish Tweed by Andrew M. Greeley

: Irish Tweed

Nuala McGrail (12th)

Above the Law by Tim Green

: Above the Law


The Westminster Poisoner by Susanna Gregory

: The Westminster Poisoner

Chaloner (4th)

Almost Home by Pam Jenoff

: Almost Home


The Conqueror by Jan Kjaerstad and Barbara Haveland

: The Conqueror

Jonas Wergeland (2nd)

Blood and Bone by William Lashner

: Blood and Bone


Fatal February by Barbara Levenson

: Fatal February

Mary Magruder Katz (1st)

The Contractor by Colin MacKinnon

: The Contractor


The Lipstick Killers by Lee Martin

: The Lipstick Killers


Blood and Ice by Robert Masello

: Blood and Ice


Snakehead by Peter May

: Snakehead

Li Yan and Margaret Campbell (4th)

A Darker Domain by Val Mcdermid

: A Darker Domain


American Rust by Philipp Meyer

: American Rust


Hater by David Moody

: Hater


Falconer and the Ritual of Death by Ian Morson

: Falconer and the Ritual of Death

Medieval Oxford (7th)

Cat Playing Cupid by Shirley Rousseau Murphy

: Cat Playing Cupid

Joe Grey (14th)

Batter Off Dead by Tamar Myers

: Batter Off Dead

Magdalena Yoder, Pennsylvania Dutch (17th)

The Agency by Ally O'Brien

: The Agency

Tess Drake (1st)

Crunch Time by Nick Oldham

: Crunch Time

Henry Christie (12th)

The Second Opinion by Michael Palmer

: The Second Opinion

Medical Thriller (14th)

Night and Day by Robert B. Parker

: Night and Day

Jesse Stone (8th)

The Renegades by T. Jefferson Parker

: The Renegades

California Crime (16th)

Run for Your Life by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

: Run for Your Life

Michael Bennett (2nd)

Rupture by A. Scott Pearson

: Rupture


Body Surfing by Dale Peck

: Body Surfing


Early's Fall by Jerry Peterson

: Early's Fall

James Early (1st)

Can't Never Tell by Cathy Pickens

: Can't Never Tell

Avery Andrews, Southern Fried (5th)

Dog On It by Spencer Quinn

: Dog On It

Chet and Bernie (1st)

The Samaritan's Secret by Matt Beynon Rees

: The Samaritan's Secret

Omar Yussef (3rd)

Promises in Death by J. D. Robb

: Promises in Death

Eve Dallas, In Death (29th)

No More Dying by David Roberts

: No More Dying

Lord Edward Corinth and Verity Browne (9th)

Kill for Me by Karen Rose

: Kill for Me

Daniel Vartanian (3rd)

The Shanghai Moon by S. J. Rozan

: The Shanghai Moon

Bill Smith and Lydia Chin (10th)

Revelation by C. J. Sansom

: Revelation

Matthew Shardlake (4th)

Bloodprint by Kitty Sewell

: Bloodprint


The Disappearance by Efrem Sigel

: The Disappearance


Drood by Dan Simmons

: Drood


Whisper to the Blood by Dana Stabenow

: Whisper to the Blood

Kate Shugak (16th)

The Caryatids by Bruce Sterling

: The Caryatids


Critical Mass by Whitley Strieber

: Critical Mass


Among the Mad by Jacqueline Winspear

: Among the Mad

Maisie Dobbs (6th)

Kingdom of Silence by Lee Wood

: Kingdom of Silence

Keene Dunliffe (2nd)