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New Hardcover Mysteries for December 2009

The following hardcover mystery books are scheduled to be published this month. To browse more recently published new mystery books, select the appropriate month from the column on the left.

Click on the book title for a detailed description of the book. To purchase a book, click on the book cover.

Bibliographies of many of the mystery authors on this page can be viewed by clicking on the author's name.

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Final Exam by Maggie Barbieri

: Final Exam

Alison Bergeron (4th)

The Paris Vendetta by Steve Berry

: The Paris Vendetta

Cotton Malone (5th)

The Bone Chamber by Robin Burcell

: The Bone Chamber

Sydney Fitzpatrick (2nd)

Blue Knight, White Cross by Colin Campbell

: Blue Knight, White Cross


Luck of the Draw by Anthony J. Cardieri

: Luck of the Draw


The Disciple by Stephen Coonts

: The Disciple

Tommy Carmellini (4th)

A Catered Birthday Party by Isis Crawford

: A Catered Birthday Party

Murder with Recipes (6th)

Pirate Latitudes by Michael Crichton

: Pirate Latitudes


Foolproof by Barbara D'Amato, Jeanne M. Dams, and Mark Richard Zubro

: Foolproof


Puttering About in a Small Land by Philip K. Dick

: Puttering About in a Small Land


The 13th Hour by Richard Doetsch

: The 13th Hour


Too Much Money by Dominick Dunne

: Too Much Money


Dancing for the Hangman by Martin Edwards

: Dancing for the Hangman


Alone by Loren D. Estleman

: Alone

Valentino (2nd)

Sizzle by Julie Garwood

: Sizzle


Faces in the Pool by Jonathan Gash

: Faces in the Pool

Lovejoy (24th)

Mr. Monk in Trouble by Lee Goldberg

: Mr. Monk in Trouble

Mr. Monk (9th)

Ticket to Ride by Ed Gorman

: Ticket to Ride

Sam McCain (8th)

U is for Undertow by Sue Grafton

: U is for Undertow

Kinsey Millhone (21st)

Crawlspace by Sarah Graves

: Crawlspace

Home Repair is Homicide (13th)

The Honor of Spies by W. E. B. Griffin

: The Honor of Spies

Honor Bound (5th)

The Disappeared by M. R. Hall

: The Disappeared

Jenny Cooper (1st)

Click to Play by David Handler

: Click to Play


Writ in Stone by Cora Harrison

: Writ in Stone

Mara, Brehon of the Burren (4th)

My Own Worst Enemy by Brandon Hebert

: My Own Worst Enemy


A Word to the Wise by David Heinzmann

: A Word to the Wise


Deeper Than the Dead by Tami Hoag

: Deeper Than the Dead


I, Sniper by Stephen Hunter

: I, Sniper

Bob Lee Swagger (6th)

Acts of Violence by Ryan David Jahn

: Acts of Violence


Full of Money by Bill James

: Full of Money


Trial by Fire by J. A. Jance

: Trial by Fire

Ali Reynolds (5th)

Village of the Ghost Bears by Stan Jones

: Village of the Ghost Bears

Nathan Active (4th)

Fired Up by Jayne Ann Krentz

: Fired Up

Dreamlight Trilogy (1st)

In Big Trouble by Laura Lippman

: In Big Trouble

Tess Monaghan (11th)

Payback for Revenge by Alex Markman

: Payback for Revenge


Too Many Murders by Colleen McCullough

: Too Many Murders

Carmine Delmonico (2nd)

The Good Son by Russel D. McLean

: The Good Son

J. McNee (1st)

The Listener by Shira Nayman

: The Listener


Angel of Darkness by Christopher Nicole

: Angel of Darkness

Anna Fehrbach (8th)

The Reckoning by Barbara Parker

: The Reckoning

C. J. Dunn (2nd)

Faces of the Gone by Brad Parks

: Faces of the Gone

Carter Ross (1st)

Witch & Wizard by James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet

: Witch & Wizard

Witch & Wizard (1st)

A Dead Man in Naples by Michael Pearce

: A Dead Man in Naples

Sandor Seymour (6th)

Tragedy at Two by Ann Purser

: Tragedy at Two

Lois Meade (9th)

Predators by Frederick Ramsay

: Predators


Dead Air by Deborah Shlian and Linda Reid

: Dead Air

Sammy Greene (1st)

Desert Lost by Betty Webb

: Desert Lost

Lena Jones (6th)

The Iron Khan by Liz Williams and Jon Foster

: The Iron Khan

Inspector Chen (5th)

Vintage Soul by David Niall Wilson

: Vintage Soul

DeChance Chronicles (1st)