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New Hardcover Mysteries for January 2010

The hardcover mystery books listed on this page are scheduled to be published this month. To browse more recently published new mystery books, select the appropriate month from the column on the left.

For more information about the title, or to purchase the book, click on the book cover.

Bibliographies of many of the mystery authors on this page can be viewed by clicking on the author's name.

Mystery Book Review by Mysterious Reviewsindicates a review of the book is available from Mysterious Reviews.

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Paganini's Ghost by Paul Adam

Paul Adam: Paganini's Ghost


No Mercy by Lori Armstrong

Lori Armstrong: No Mercy

Mercy Gunderson (1st)

The Melting Season by Jami Attenberg

Jami Attenberg: The Melting Season


Death by the Book by Lenny Bartulin

Lenny Bartulin: Death by the Book

Jack Susko (1st)

Blacklands by Belinda Bauer

Belinda Bauer: Blacklands


Death of a Valentine by M. C. Beaton

M. C. Beaton: Death of a Valentine

Hamish Macbeth (26th)

Mr. Shivers by Robert Jackson Bennett

Robert Jackson Bennett: Mr. Shivers


The Complete Inspector Morse by David Bishop

David Bishop: The Complete Inspector Morse


The Godfather of Kathmandu by John Burdett

John Burdett: The Godfather of Kathmandu

Sonchai Jitpleecheep (4th)

Veracity by Laura Bynum

Laura Bynum: Veracity


Unfinished Business by William Byrnes

William Byrnes: Unfinished Business


Raining Cat Sitters and Dogs by Blaize Clement

Blaize Clement: Raining Cat Sitters and Dogs

Dixie Hemingway (5th)

Double Black by Wendy Clinch

Wendy Clinch: Double Black

Stacey Curtis, Ski Diva (1st)

Robert Ludlum's The Infinity Affair by Robert Ludlum and James Cobb

Robert Ludlum and James Cobb: Robert Ludlum's The Infinity Affair

Covert One (8th)

Dusted To Death by Barbara Colley

Barbara Colley: Dusted To Death

Charlotte LaRue (8th)

The First Rule by Robert Crais

Robert Crais: The First Rule

Joe Pike (2nd)

Rebels and Traitors by Lindsey Davis

Lindsey Davis: Rebels and Traitors


Burn by Ted Dekker and Erin Healy

Ted Dekker and Erin Healy: Burn


Death Without Tenure by Joanne Dobson

Mystery Book Review: Death Without Tenure by Joanne DobsonJoanne Dobson: Death Without Tenure

Karen Pelletier (6th)

Dying Gasp by Leighton Gage

Mystery Book Review: Dying Gasp by Leighton GageLeighton Gage: Dying Gasp

Mario Silva (3rd)

The Parisian Prodigal by Alan Gordon

Alan Gordon: The Parisian Prodigal

Fools' Guild (7th)

Dead on Arrival by Jackie Griffey

Jackie Griffey: Dead on Arrival


The Crossing Places by Elly Griffiths

Elly Griffiths: The Crossing Places

Ruth Galloway (1st)

Silencer by James W. Hall

Mystery Book Review: Silencer by James W. HallJames W. Hall: Silencer

Thorn (11th)

The Lock Artist by Steve Hamilton

Steve Hamilton: The Lock Artist


Fell Purpose by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles

Cynthia Harrod-Eagles: Fell Purpose

Bill Slider (12th)

Skin by Mo Hayder

Mo Hayder: Skin

Jack Caffery (4th)

Her Highness' First Murder by Peg Herring

Peg Herring: Her Highness' First Murder


Merry Wives of Maggody by Joan Hess

Joan Hess: Merry Wives of Maggody

Arly Hanks (16th)

The Wolf at the Door by Jack Higgins

Jack Higgins: The Wolf at the Door

Sean Dillon (17th)

Blood Ties by Kay Hooper

Kay Hooper: Blood Ties

Blood Trilogy (3rd)

Sleepless by Charlie Huston

Charlie Huston: Sleepless


A Deadly Wilderness by Kelly Irvin

Kelly Irvin: A Deadly Wilderness

Ray Johnson (1st)

In the Absence of Iles by Bill James

Bill James: In the Absence of Iles

Harpur and Iles (25th)

A Whisper to the Living by Stuart M. Kaminsky

Stuart M. Kaminsky: A Whisper to the Living

Inspector Rostnikov (16th)

Short Squeeze by Chris Knopf

Mystery Book Review: Short Squeeze by Chris KnopfChris Knopf: Short Squeeze

Jackie Swaitowski (1st)

The Swan Thieves by Elizabeth Kostova

Elizabeth Kostova: The Swan Thieves


Treasure Hunt by John Lescroart

Mystery Book Review: Treasure Hunt by John LescroartJohn Lescroart: Treasure Hunt

Hunt Club (2nd)

From Cradle to Grave by Patricia MacDonald

Patricia MacDonald: From Cradle to Grave


Bits and Pieces by Annette Mahon

Annette Mahon: Bits and Pieces


Virtually Dead by Peter May

Mystery Book Review: Virtually Dead by Peter MayPeter May: Virtually Dead


Mister Slaughter by Robert McCammon

Robert McCammon: Mister Slaughter

Matthew Corbett (3rd)

Corpus Delicti by Keith McCarthy

Keith McCarthy: Corpus Delicti

John Eisenmenger and Helena Flemming (7th)

Baja Florida by Bob Morris

Bob Morris: Baja Florida

Zack Chasteen (5th)

A Fair Maiden by Joyce Carol Oates

Joyce Carol Oates: A Fair Maiden


Return Fire by Barry Ozeroff

Barry Ozeroff: Return Fire

Ben Geller (2nd)

Iron River by T. Jefferson Parker

T. Jefferson Parker: Iron River

Charlie Hood (3rd)

Impact by Douglas Preston

Douglas Preston: Impact


Thereby Hangs a Tail by Spencer Quinn

Spencer Quinn: Thereby Hangs a Tail

Chet and Bernie (2nd)

The Five Greatest Warriors by Matthew Reilly

Matthew Reilly: The Five Greatest Warriors

Jack West Jr. (3rd)

Sweet Sorrow by David Roberts

David Roberts: Sweet Sorrow

Lord Edward Corinth and Verity Browne (10th)

Altar of Eden by James Rollins

James Rollins: Altar of Eden


Silver by Steven Savile

Steven Savile: Silver

Ogmios Team (1st)

Lullaby by Claire Seeber

Claire Seeber: Lullaby


Assassins of Athens by Jeffrey Siger

Mystery Book Review: Assassins of Athens by Jeffrey SigerJeffrey Siger: Assassins of Athens

Andreas Kaldis (2nd)

The Chill by Jason Starr and Mick Bertilorenzi

Jason Starr and Mick Bertilorenzi: The Chill


Gone 'til November by Wallace Stroby

Wallace Stroby: Gone 'til November


Freedom by Daniel Suarez

Daniel Suarez: Freedom


Snow Angels by James Thompson

James Thompson: Snow Angels

Kari Vaara (1st)

The Red Door by Charles Todd

Charles Todd: The Red Door

Ian Rutledge (12th)

Improving the Silence by Peter Turnbull

Peter Turnbull: Improving the Silence


Kisser by Stuart Woods

Stuart Woods: Kisser

Stone Barrington (16th)

A Good Knife's Work by Sheila York

Sheila York: A Good Knife's Work

Peter Winslow (2nd)